Antimicrobial Discovery Solutions Ltd

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University Of Warwick, Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry, United Kingdom


We have expertise spanning microbiology, biochemistry and structural biology and

specialising in the development of novel reagents and assays to support biological science and translational research:

Reagents for peptidoglycan biosynthesis

We offer native and labelled (radioactive, fluorescent and NMR active) peptidoglycan reagents to from UDP-MurNAc sugar peptides to Lipid II.

The compound library begins with the cytoplasmic intermediate, enol pyruvoyl UDP GlcNAc and extends to the lipid linked, undecaprenyl pyrophosphoryl MurNac (N-acetyl glucosamine) pentapeptide. The biosynthesis of these precursors in-vitro produces products of high purity, which are tested enzymatically and identity confirmed via mass spectrometry. ​​


Single channel to 1536 plate assays in various formats with Anisotropy, TR-FRET, Fluorescent, luminescent and Absorbance output.

Assay expertise in

- Mur ligase ATPase &

Penicillin binding proteins (peptidoglycan synthase)

-Transpeptidase assays

-Transglycosylase assays

Reagents AND ASSAYS to study  bacterial and parasite tRNA synthetases

(see Lloyd et al (2013) Adenosine Tetraphosphoadenosine Drives a Continuous ATP-Release Assay for Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases and Other Adenylate-Forming Enzymes. ACS chemical biology 8: 2157-2163)