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We have expertise spanning microbiology, biochemistry and structural biology and

specialising in the development of novel reagents and assays to support biological science and translational research:

Reagents for peptidoglycan biosynthesis

We offer native and labelled (radioactive, fluorescent and NMR active) peptidoglycan reagents to from UDP-MurNAc sugar peptides to Lipid II.

The compound library begins with the cytoplasmic intermediate, enol pyruvoyl UDP GlcNAc and extends to the lipid linked, undecaprenyl pyrophosphoryl MurNac (N-acetyl glucosamine) pentapeptide. The biosynthesis of these precursors in-vitro produces products of high purity, which are tested enzymatically and identity confirmed via mass spectrometry. ​​


Single channel to 1536 plate assays in various formats with Anisotropy, TR-FRET, Fluorescent, luminescent and Absorbance output.

Assay expertise in

- Mur ligase ATPase &

Penicillin binding proteins (peptidoglycan synthase)

-Transpeptidase assays

-Transglycosylase assays

Reagents AND ASSAYS to study  bacterial and parasite tRNA synthetases

(see Lloyd et al (2013) Adenosine Tetraphosphoadenosine Drives a Continuous ATP-Release Assay for Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases and Other Adenylate-Forming Enzymes. ACS chemical biology 8: 2157-2163)


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